what to do. . .

I have no clue what it is that I should do. I have been wanting to move. . . badly. . . for the last two or three years, move out of state and . . . .. .. .. now, I am getting settled in, and . . . this happens . . . […]

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Go big or go home

I had no news since my rant post until yesterday. – Yesterday my English teacher Mr. Keith Aubrey was PISSED at us, for being mediocre. We should challenge ourselves. Why pay all this money for tuition, $500 a class and not challenge our learning. I agree with him. Why take his class and . . […]

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I FREAKING HATE COLLEGE sometimes! MLA or APA formating….. I learned MLA formating — been learning it still. APA, not so much.  Im on my last 4th quarter – completing my first year here at Everett Community College (EVCC).  — One year left = 4 more quarters to go. Either one teacher uses MLA format, and […]



So… I finally heard back from my grandmother on Facebook. My dad’s parents. I dislike when I feel like I am the one at fault. I don’ want you coming to my place. Literally where the hell would they sit? I mean only have a couch I don’t have any tables or chairs. Grandpa would […]

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d e l e t e

I wish life was just as easy to delete words on a page, or to delete an entire post like I never even wrote it. . .But that is not how our lives work. If it was so, suicide rates would be so much higher than today’s rate of suicides. I wrote so much, I […]

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