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Little girls shouldn’t have to grow up so quickly

Little girls shouldn’t have to grow up so quickly.

Seriously, that little one of mine is just growing up toooo fast. — Her stepdad passed away like 2 years ago and now, Her doggy will have to be put down to sleep. Doggy Heaven. Dog, He is not doing well, at all. its so sad to hear her pain of not understanding why we do this to animals. Hershey will be next, but when? We do not know, we try to make the best of each day that we have with her. So, Danika is going to be staying with us this week. She will go back home on Friday. Instead of the usual of her staying at her moms. Im going to try to find some fun things for us to be doing this week to get her mind off of dog’s situation.

Yes, they named their dog “Dog”. He lived a life of 14 years. so it would make Dog to be around 80 or 90’s years old. Hes lived a good life with Danika and Denise.

Hershey is 8, so it makes her to be 55 now. She will turn 9 = 61 years old in June 17th.

I do agree with her, it sucks.


d e l e t e

I wish life was just as easy to delete words on a page, or to delete an entire post like I never even wrote it. . .But that is not how our lives work. If it was so, suicide rates would be so much higher than today’s rate of suicides. I wrote so much, I vented so much, maybe too much. Pain and anger is all I could see. I never really wrote anything that was worth keeping. Why keep the pain, and the anger?

So I deleted every single post I had written since 2014. Almost four years of rants and emotions that either came and went, or emotions that still linger deep within me. I have so many thoughts running around in my mind that it is so hard to catch and keep the thought to write it down on paper, or in this case on a keyboard? on a screen?

So many negatives, and so many positives has happend. One really big positive is that I got married! August 26th, 2017 in Wenatchee, Washington.

I am a starving college student. 🙂 I am on temporary work study program, it ends in June.

After living in Washington since 2014 – four years now, since moving from Oregon ; Life has gotten expensive now & We (Donovan, Danika, Denise and I) will be moving possibly this summer. . . or next year. . .  Things are still kind of in the air at the moment. So yeah, This is how life is for me now.

I will be posting rants, vents and baking!