4 months since I last posted

Sorry i havent written in awhile!! Ah, life has just recently started to settle down. We moved out of washington and we reside in Idaho now, been here for about four months. We left Everett on September 3rd. Some days it’s amazing, and other days I’m lonely here. It’s a small town, don’t really know […]

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WE GOT APPROVED FOR THE GRANT TO MOVE! now, it is just to find and keep a place.  but, here is to the next chapter!   this is all I have to say for now. I know, I Suck

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3 months

WOW Time has just flew on by and, its already been about three months since I last posted. I am still in Washington state, but I gave the notice of moving out yesterday. The landlord was upset we had Hershey playing with Tiger, the neighbor’s dog and they gave us a notice on Monday night, […]

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what to do. . .

I have no clue what it is that I should do. I have been wanting to move. . . badly. . . for the last two or three years, move out of state and . . . .. .. .. now, I am getting settled in, and . . . this happens . . . […]

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Go big or go home

I had no news since my rant post until yesterday. – Yesterday my English teacher Mr. Keith Aubrey was PISSED at us, for being mediocre. We should challenge ourselves. Why pay all this money for tuition, $500 a class and not challenge our learning. I agree with him. Why take his class and . . […]

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I FREAKING HATE COLLEGE sometimes! MLA or APA formating….. I learned MLA formating — been learning it still. APA, not so much.  Im on my last 4th quarter – completing my first year here at Everett Community College (EVCC).  — One year left = 4 more quarters to go. Either one teacher uses MLA format, and […]



So… I finally heard back from my grandmother on Facebook. My dad’s parents. I dislike when I feel like I am the one at fault. I don’ want you coming to my place. Literally where the hell would they sit? I mean only have a couch I don’t have any tables or chairs. Grandpa would […]

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